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Application Process

Interested in Joining? 

April 2022 -We are not currently accepting new applications for membership.
The best way to find out about us is to take up a 3-month probationary membership.

All Home Office approved clubs require you to sign a declaration that you have never been refused or revoked a Shotgun or Firearm Certificate and are not a "Prohibited Person" within the meaning of the 1968 Firearms Act Section 21.


You must bring photographic proof of identity (passport, driving licence etc.), address confirmation (utility bill etc.) and three passport-size photographs on this induction day, as these are essential for us to proceed with your membership.


We need to be satisfied that you are a fit person to have use of a firearm and have a genuine interest in target shooting. Persons under 18 years may only use the club when accompanied by an adult with parental responsibility.

The accompanying adult must also be a member and buy ammunition on his/her behalf. If the member is under 14 years then the responsible adult must closely accompany him/her while they are actually shooting.


On your induction, we will explain the club's Safety Policy and take you to the range for shooting practice using a club .22rimfire semi-automatic and bolt action rifle. 


Your first visit will cost you £22, consisting of £15 probationary membership fee for 3 months, £2 range fee and £5 for the ammunition you use. Subsequent visits cost £2 range fee plus the ammunition you use.

After 3 months, if you wish to upgrade to full membership, you pay a portion of the annual subscription.


Membership fees are from 1st April to 31st March each year. The full rate cost is £60 per adult aged 21 and over, £30 for students under 21 (student id needed) and £5 for juniors under 18.

Probationary membership inductions are run on a Saturday morning once a month and the next available date can be seen here. If you are unable to make a Saturday, we can offer to run an in week session usually between 8-10pm but this is by prior agreement.


Warrington & District Rifle & Pistol Club