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We are a Home Office Approved Shooting club

We cater for target shooting, black powder muzzleloading, tactical shooting, air rifle/pistol, airsoft, and BB shooters.
Small/Full bore outdoor shooting is available to our members on MoD ranges at least once a month for those who want to shoot larger calibre rifles at distances up to 600 yards.


Our two indoor 25-yard ranges with nine lanes are open every day.


You can use the clubs or your own firearms indoor up to the agreed muzzle energy of the registration of the clubs certificate.

A selection of club provided Air Pistol & Air Rifles, Small/Full-Bore Pistols and Rifles can be used by any member.


Refreshments are available at the club and we have a great social side with many members offering assistance with new enrolments and other aspects of running the club. We offer several courses, including a reloading course for our members to try their hand at reloading.


A variety of ammunition is available for purchase from the club; .22 Rimfire, .38special, .357mag, .223, .303, .308 calibres along with other items and components, ask at the club reception desk for more details.


Warrington & District Rifle & Pistol Club is affiliated to:
National Rifle Association (NRA), National Small-Bore Rifle Association (NSRA), 
Muzzle Loaders Association of Great Britain (MLAGB).


NEXT Outdoor 2019 shoot; Sealand 15th December CANCELLED

Latest NEWS:
Sealand shoots have calibre restriction in place for ranges in the North West and Midlands.
That means No Rifle calibre above 7.62mm or HME firearms is currently permitted.
NRA released this statement

We hope this is temporary, and further discussions by BASC, NRA and others are ongoing and we will update as further information is released.

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News /Updates 

  • Sealand shoot for the 15th December has been CANCELLED due to Military use.

  • 2020 first half of the year dates for Altcar released.

  • Sealand dates for 2020 are in review and will be released in due course.

Warrington & District Rifle & Pistol Club